Why I am never available on Sundays

January 1, 2017

 Hi all,


I thought I would write about today. It is a Sunday but it's New Year's Day, which trumped it being a Sunday in my mind. I am never available on Sundays, and these are some of the reasons.


1. You need to take time off. For me, that's chilling with my civvie friends and family. I need that rejuvenation to be at my best for gentlemen admirers, and be enthralling and entertaining company for them.


2. Time to sleep. Seriously, I get up to go the St Lawrence Market on Saturdays during the Farmers Market. I sometimes get bookings, but more often the gentleman in question is doing an overnight. So I can get busy. In my view, having one day off to be *insert civvie name here* AND sleep is crucial.


3. Sexworker self-care, both physical and psychic. I need this day to do some Sunday night magic at home and overall to just wash away work. I love my job, don't get me wrong, but there is such a thing as being too involved. This includes (even in vanilla jobs) answering emails on weekends. Germany and France now have laws that say workers cannot work outside their schedule, and I do my best to help that. Letting everything slide off your back like water off a duck is amazing.


4. Fun, fun, fun! Have fun. Be in the moment. Be yourself around people who are not professional dates and who don't judge you for doing what you love. In my opinion, Sunday is the one day where I don't need to care if my makeup is on fleek or not. Why? BECAUSE NO ONE CARES. And that's fun for me.


5. BASEBALL! Seriously, anyone who does not see an analogy between baseball and life just isn't trying hard enough. During baseball season, I like to curl up with samosas (brunch) and baseball at 1.07pm and just enjoy the Great Pastime. It just does it for me. Hell, I went to a bunch of games solo and no one bothered me. Not once. The boys of summer, I tell you.


6. Reflection. Whether you meditate in a park or go to a denomination of *insert religion here*, Sunday for me personally has always been a day of reflection and turning inwards. I examine myself and how far I've come, and I examine what needs work. That takes time away from work to do. I also typically go and see my folks on Sunday evening, to eat dinner and catch up on the week that just happened. So I am typically all booked up on Sunday.


And there you have it. My reasons for not working the entire week. 


Happy 2017, all! May it be a great year for sexworkers and sexwork!






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