On Sexwork and Civilian Relationships

February 3, 2015

Hi all,


I would like to blog today about something that has been on my mind lately...the (sometimes tenuous) relationship that exists between sex as a job and sex for pleasure.


I have recently met someone and it has been crazy fast. Hence my Twitter is lagging behind, and since we're in the adoration stage, we love everything about each other. 'Nuff said.


He is supportive of my career choice, and I really appreciate that. However, I have begun to perceive the subtle differences which colour my experiences with him as opposed to my experiences with clients, which don't even need to be sexual. Of course that is to be expected, but because I haven't had a partner for two or three years, client sex is the only sex I've known for a long time.


Don't get me wrong, my clients are the best and often very good at sex. It makes me happy, though, that he sees me not as Olivia but as who I am, the real me. It makes me feel so safe and secure knowing that he knows me, and I know him.


So while you, my clients, see and love Olivia, who is a real person with real feelings, etc., my partner sees a different side of me, which is what separates sexwork and the civilian relationship.I am so happy to not have the weight of the world on my shoulders. Sure, I'm an independent woman who loves autonomy, but I talk to my partner as I talk to my own soul, and it's really lovely to have someone to talk to - and other things, of course - whom you know will never judge you, ever.


It's very often something men in general can't get over - their partner is a sexworker.I have often enough told him how rare he is, and he has admitted openly to me that two years ago, he would have condemned me harshly. He's much more liberal now, for which I thank whatever powers be.


Please be happy for me, my guys.I am incredibly happy and fortunate, and here's hoping it will rub off on you.





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