Let's talk about sex, perception and the Super Naughty Show

March 16, 2015

 Hi all,


I went to the Super Naughty Show on Wednesday and it got me thinking about how your average person on the street processes fantasies and/or erotic art. Also about how judgmental artists process kink and/or fantasies except in hate or envy of the perceived freedom of sexworkers and other sexually diverse people.


I'm not saying all artists are prudes, far from it. But only an erotic art show brings out everyone that usually blends into the woodwork. Trans, nongender-conforming folks,sexworkers, everyone was out and proud about what they did, and for one night they could actively exist in a city and a show that truly celebrated sexual diversity and tastes.


But how does the artist who has never encountered such an arena as the sex trade think of it? And how do they process fantasies, especially if they're antis, if not through their art? Do they think of the high-profile call girl? The courtesan? The phone sex operator the massage parlour attendant? I saw one piece that could be rightly classified as pure hate for sexworkers, while other pieces were odes to traditionally male/female assets.


There were also gender-bending pieces and BDSM pieces of which I was very appreciative while being completely unable to imagine myself in those particular positions except with someone I really trusted.


Maybe judgy artists, if such a thing or attitude exists, take out their angst against the beauty of sex with hate. Before finding myself in this trade, while I did love sex already, to achieve that level of judgment, I would have to think like a teenager and just hate sex with wild abandon.


Maybe that attitude does exist amongst people who don't use nudes for instance, or who choose not to know what some of those nudes do in their spare time. You would have to choose, of course.I have it as obvious as the nose on my face, but of course my parents choose not to believe that their daughter is a courtesan, although that requires a good education in more than just books.


I would like to think that judgy artists don't exist, or if they do that their attitudes change with the types of people they find themselves working with. I would also like to think that all these sex-positive artists foster a sex-positive environment where all types of folk feel safer and feel that they can be justly proud of what they are and what they have achieved in their chosen fields. That is what changes the world litte by little, and makes everyone feel at home in their own skin.






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