Bad behaviour, client issues and why they are not your problem

November 5, 2015

 Hi all,


Sometimes we all need a little peace and quiet. I started my day off glamourously with Provocateur Images, doing an AWESOME photo shoot. I was pleased as punch at the pictures that came out, particularly one of me trying to be FIERCE (I'll post that one day and you'll all LOL, cause it was definitely NOT).


Anyway, I knew I had a call later in the evening, so I ran some errands and then showed up to the space. I was respectful, on time, elegantly dressed. I had nothing to be ashamed of. I anticipated a delightful hour ahead. He had already shown consideration, anyway. He was going to be the sweetest call I'd had in a long time.


He had issues with parking. Then with elevators. It's true, I work on a cul-de-sac, but it's Toronto. It's densely populated, so there is parking everywhere you look, as long as you know where to look. Just to be clear, I have never had this problem with any other client. He was definitely on edge, using multiple question marks in his texts, like he was determined to find fault with something. 


I did not understand. He had been very excited when he had left his area. He had even got me tea, which he eventually gave to me when he arrived at my door. He usually sees ladies in hotels in the suburbs, so maybe he has a fear of the city. But even so, when I asked in softspoken, polite tones how he was, he said "I'm frustrated.*beat* I've had enough of this," and thrust the teas at me, apparently thinking it was just OK for him to be rude, impolite and disrespectful. I apologized, not even knowing what for.


Well, guess what? He fooled around with the wrong girl. I am not afraid to out people for disrespectful behaviour and attitude, because I always show up for my time. I respect people who respect me, I and will out timewasters. And, if he gets sexually frustrated and is all like "What do I do?" guess what, honey? You ruined it for yourself. This is why first impressions matter. Respectful behaviour towards an SP gets my vote every single day, and I will not tolerate toxic behaviour, attitude or anything else.


If anyone, either an agency or an independent, would like further information, feel free to email me. I will give you his handle and anything else you would like. I don't feel this individual's past behaviour is a good guide for how he will act upon future dates, and I feel like he could just waste everyone's time. This is all about being safe, and that means safe from negative energy as well. 


Be well all,






PS. I drank the tea.


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