Yesterday was Int'l Mens Day and I didn't care - today is TDOR and we all need to

November 20, 2015

Hi all,


I know, I know. I've been writing like crazy. But this is because there are important things to write about, so I feel like writing about them.


First of all, and least understood in my opinion, is that yesterday was International Mens Day. I want to apologize to anyone I may have offended on Twitter. I thought International Mens Day was an evil day, used by MRAs (Men Rights Activists)to promote mens rights and basically complain. I was wrong, and there seem to be a lot of problems among specifically men that we as a society need to come together and address. I didn't even know this was a thing until yesterday, and if I reacted hastily to it and/or offended anyone, I ask for forgiveness. However, I do think, as society becomes more and more progressive, that the focus of the day should maybe change, to promote healing. Because I did run into a couple of MRAs who didn't follow me who were true, dyed-in-the-wool "men don't have enough rights" campaigners.


Today is the Transgender Day of Remembrance, however. All of us need to band together, and celebrate transgender life. Trans is beautiful - all genders, visibly trans/not, "passing"/not, they are all beautiful. I mourn the lives lost to transgender violence and social violence over the past year. I stand with trans folks on everything - because as sexworkers know all too well, stigma kills. Stigma towards mental health, stigma towards ableism, stigma towards suicidal thought/action, stigma towards sexwork, stigma towards coming out AS ANYTHING, stigma towards trans, stigma towards weakness...there are so many stigmas that we need to change.


To sum up, and make this post short and sweet: I believe in gender equality for everyone. I believe in changing attitudes, and lack of stigma. I believe in all of these things. What I don't believe in is MRAs using the idea of stigma towards (insert issue here)to promote "phantom misandry" (that lovely phrase courtesy of @Adam_Stirling - go follow him!) towards women. That idea is garbage, and will always remain so.


Let us change attitudes as a society, together, to promote healing from within our communities. We can do it. The souls of people are strong.






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